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Toilet Terror
Hi Everyone, First post here so i'll fill you in on everything. We have a gorgeous 12wk Husky called Smudge. The problem we are having is he seems to be donig really well with his housetraining and we know his signs but whenever my wife leaves him
Fish Compost
I don't know how I find these things, I guess I just spend too much time Googling. LOL! I found this fish compost that is made right here in Ontario and it looks promising to me. Here is a link to a description of the ingredients and process they use
Globe trotters from South Africa
Hi Everyone, Arrived in the United Kingdom with my two beloved hooligans in tow, Jex (a brindle female) and Blaze (a tan and white male), two weeks ago. Arrived to suberb weather and lovely country walks. Any advice about the staffs using public
Dream fish list challange
New game...I want your dream lists. If you had $250.00 to spend at Live Aquaria, how would you spend it. Rules: keep in mind that this is for a reef system with corals, and fish cannot cause harm to them, so no triggers or angels. Size isn't an
Fish emulsion
Ok who uses it? Other than the fact it smells like cat food, have you had good success? When do you use it? Someone suggested when I moved my seedlings from the small peat pods to their larger 4inch container. Suggestions?
Tetra Fish
Hi, anyone here keep tetra fish?? i currently work out my 1 ft planted tank, and just put 3 neon tetra, 2 ghost tetra, 2 leopard danio, and 2 dwarf goby. will buy few more awesome looking fish, Galaxy Rasbora! got no time to take any pics yet,, but here's
Bat Guano & Fish Fertilizer
In searching for compost sources for my 5 types of compost, I've run across a source that sells bat guano and they also have something called "fish fertilizer".  I can't post a link because I'm still a new user, but you can find the products on
do any of you have GloFish? are they easy to breed? intrested in getting some.
raw fish question
The kids have successfully been on raw for about 6 months or so now and doing really well. Fish-wise they get sardines, pilchards and the odd bit of hake (we don't have fishmongers per se so it's been difficult finding stuff). However today I managed to
Fish eye bird shot clown fish
Has anyone seen these fish in person? I'm starting to like these clowns.
fish of the week
Social grouping with mass of Bubble-Tip Anemones. Nick Hobgood/Creative Commons Overview This is a durable, but potentially quarrelsome aquarium inhabitant. It is a greedy eater and a nearly bulletproof beginner's fish, but must not be confined
Need help finding a fish!
Ive been looking for what seems like ever to try and find a Parkinsons rainbow fish     . Ive been asking cory for a couple months but they never seem to be able to order them. If anyone knows a good place/website that they get rainbow fish from, and woul
Prescribed Fish Oil??
We took Willow to the vet today to see what was up with the dandruff. It was diagnosed as severe dandruff and the vet gave us a free form liquid, "a free form fatty acid offering maximum potency of EPA and DHA [Omega-3's for Dogs and Cats]." We
why do my fish keep dying???
over the past few weeks my fish are slowly dying off... i have only one 1 balloon molly left out of 3... a little orange gourami has died.. i have 2 mollys left... my little baby molly died ... and now a snail has died... im thinking im going to have
I finally figured out my fish's hyper behavior
A month or so back, I posted about my fish acting strangely. It was only the black neon tetras and the tiger barbs. They were darting around the tank and nipping each other and swarming in little groups, and generally displaying erratic and hyper behavior
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