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Oscars / Severum / Green Terror
Hey all - here are my tanks!! First one is 135G Bowfront tank with Fx5 filter. I got 1 Lemon Oscar, 1 Red Albino Oscar, 1 Green Terror and 2 Severums. Love them all - Here's my two big guys, Crash (Tiger) and Bubbles (albino Tiger)
My Fish Family (UPDATED 06-06-11)
Here are a few pics of my wonderful fish. I have several more different species, but are still to small and they are like kids and puppy's. They never sit still for more than 5 sec. Here is a list of my collection, followed by pics: WC=Wild caugh
I'm Back...With Updates:-)
Hey everyone, Sorry I had to miss the meeting, with the move coming I've been working lots of overtime! But I actually had some time on my hands to take some pictures of some awesome new additions to the fish fam. Hope you all enjoy and can't wait
new festae
well i went to pet pourri in everett on tuesday and picked up this festae. they labled it a female. and also talked to a friend that knows the fish and he is convinced it is a female also. but everything in me tells me its a male. maybe its just wishful
Set up for EBJD
Hi there! A pet shop near me has many EBJD's in stock and I'm thinking of picking up a couple as the primary fish for my new 46 gallon bowfront. It's cycled and mostly decorated, although I already put in tons of rock caves because it was initially
Tank Mates Oscars & Severums
Hey all - I got a 135g with two severums (different species severums), 1 Green Terror and 2 Oscars. All pretty much young guys, but i have experience with Oscars. Anyway, my larger severum seems to be the most aggressive in the tank, which is
Is this fin rot?? Or something else? Please help!
My boyfriends green terrors recently started looking like their fins were shredded and beleived it to just be a dominant fish in the tank nipping. But it has gotten worse. Here is a picture of the worst one. He was told it's possibly fin rot but melafix
Festae wont eat...
I have three new festae fry from APFP. They did not eat the first night i got them, but that did not seem too unusal for a first night in the tank. This is the second night, (i have had them almost 30 hours now) and i have attempted feeding them three
jack dempsey tank mates.
Does anybody know how well a jack dempsey will get along with a silver dollar and a tinfoil barb? Or have any suggestions on what are good tank buddies for one?
Considering CA's
Whats up everyone. So there has been alot of talk around the house, my sister wants to pick up a 200 gallon and have me take care of it. in trade i get to choose everything, Fish, substrate, lighting, filtration. She just wants to pick the tank and th
Red Terror
Red Terror (Amphilophus Festae) Scientific Name(s): Amphilophus festae, Herichthys festae, Heros festae, Nandopsis festae Common Name(s): Red Terror, Guayas Cichlid, Harlequin Cichlid Family: Cichlidae Species Type: South American
First when deciding on tankmates for any fish the size of the tank should be taken into consideration. A male g/t will claim an entire 55 gallon as his at adult size. If a female you could keep a small pike or a few silver dollars with her in a 55. I am a
Toilet Terror
Hi Everyone, First post here so i'll fill you in on everything. We have a gorgeous 12wk Husky called Smudge. The problem we are having is he seems to be donig really well with his housetraining and we know his signs but whenever my wife leaves him
Globe trotters from South Africa
Hi Everyone, Arrived in the United Kingdom with my two beloved hooligans in tow, Jex (a brindle female) and Blaze (a tan and white male), two weeks ago. Arrived to suberb weather and lovely country walks. Any advice about the staffs using public
breeding swordtail fish
hello does anyone know how to breed swordtail fish my swordtail is really fat and black from the bottom please help thanks a lot
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