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pigeon tea?
im going to give my birds a party so should i buy some pigeon tea or do you think a bottle of vodka will do nicely,lolwhat is pigeon tea and what is its uses?i seen it in my local shop and didnt know what it was for
Products Teas Tonics Vitamins and Potions
What do the flyers here add to feed and plain water? I use apple cider vinegar, garlic juice, pro biotics, and vitamins/electrolites. Wormer when I see worms. Permetrin spray when I see external parasites.
Old Pigeon Clocks
If anyone is interested, I have a collection of Old Pigeon Clocks that I had every intention of cleaning and putting back to full working order. After purchasing a computer, I never got round to it and have now lost all interest, if anyone would be
is this a pigeon
IS THIS A PIGEON. OR IS THIS A PIGEON. By Jack Curtis. This article is based upon a Fancier and pigeon well outside my normal range, but I just could not overlook The chance to put them before the fancy, as they have both caught my imagination
pigeon poem
A Little Pigeon Poem Why live with pigeons? There's danger you know, Can't adopt just one, the craving will grow. There's no doubt they're addictive, wherein lies the danger, While living with lots, you'll grow poorer (and stranger?). One pigeon
pigeon eggs
Pigeon Eggs Normally the first of the two eggs laid appears about ten days after pairing and at 4.00-5.00pm. There may be the odd exception to this rule, but only on rare occasions have I heard of hens laying their first egg in the morning. The other
Mudeford is at the estuary of the river Avon near Christchurch Bournemouth, we decide to stay there for our 40th anniversary. On arrival in the evening some of the views not far from the hotel grounds After a lovely meal and breakfast the
pigeon club .............
just came on and thought where is everyone then i realised its saturday all you lucky guys with ybs to race will be at the club
Pigeon video, janssens.
take a look at this video, the sound is a bit crap but the video is interesting.........
pigeon courier contact
Pigeon Courier (brian and steve) Tel:- 01205 760696 Mob:- 07725314932 used these last week excellent service
pigeon chat
the pigeon chat forum should be called pigeon basics 2 lol no forum will ever beet this one
Pink Pigeon
What do you think about this? I think it could quite easily be a bird with the genes of the Mauritius Pigeon. Anyway, when you look at the Pigeon closely many of them have purple and pinky colours round their necks and some descending down to their
Dandelion compost tea
Got a yard full of dandelions? Recipe from the latest copy of FINE GARDENING Fill a bucket 3/4 full of dandelions and fill bucket with water. Keep in the sun for 10 day, stirring the contents daily. When the foam at the top dissipates, strain the
Compost teas?
I am curious since I can't find a lot of info here on compost teas. Do any of you make tea, or do you just use straight MM? Is MM so perfect we don't need to go to the additional trouble of teas?
pigeon dvd ,s
any body know where i can download some pigeon dvd,s on widowhood and other race techniques
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