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"amphilophus ex cichlasoma festae red terror"

cichlasoma festae
found this last night and really enjoyed reading it. thought others might like it also... enjoy! keeping and breeding ex-cichlasoma festae [img][/img]
new festae
well i went to pet pourri in everett on tuesday and picked up this festae. they labled it a female. and also talked to a friend that knows the fish and he is convinced it is a female also. but everything in me tells me its a male. maybe its just wishful
Festae tank!
So, all my other tanks are gone and of course I want to get into something new..wouldn't be me if I didn't. So, Rattle72 has some Festae fry. I got 2 coming from him tonight. My grow out tank is set up and ready to go! Picked up a new tank, some gravel,
My Festae tank!
Now that all the other fish have been re-homed and my 12 new Festae are comfortably acclimated to their new home, I figured it was time for a few pictures! The tank has gone through some changes these past few days. I added a black background, an FX5
current stock list?????
Let me be the first to post in the new world cichlid area. So welcome to all who venture into this topic. I wanted to start with a goood old stock check. So list your current new world cichlid stock list here. I will go first. Parachromis managuenses
Red Terror
Red Terror (Amphilophus Festae) Scientific Name(s): Amphilophus festae, Herichthys festae, Heros festae, Nandopsis festae Common Name(s): Red Terror, Guayas Cichlid, Harlequin Cichlid Family: Cichlidae Species Type: South American
Banded Severum
I found this Banded Severum last week and I just had to have him. I wanted another Severum in the tank. I didn't want my Gold one to be in there by itself. Flippercon, do ya see any other fish in the background that ya recognize??
pearsei vs blackbelt
[url][/url] This is cool
Festae fry!
Picked up three fry today from APFP! They are only about 3/4" so they have a 30g to themselves, pics tomorrow hopefully, it amazing how well 3 small grey fish can hide in a moderately rocked tank...
Toilet Terror
Hi Everyone, First post here so i'll fill you in on everything. We have a gorgeous 12wk Husky called Smudge. The problem we are having is he seems to be donig really well with his housetraining and we know his signs but whenever my wife leaves him
a few videos
Here they are enjoy!
They got beat up a little (one of them a lot). But they are starting to look much better. Sorry for showing a video of a fish not the best shape, but as you can I'm sure imagine I am very excited. Also at one point I said that I was told 2 males and 2
Globe trotters from South Africa
Hi Everyone, Arrived in the United Kingdom with my two beloved hooligans in tow, Jex (a brindle female) and Blaze (a tan and white male), two weeks ago. Arrived to suberb weather and lovely country walks. Any advice about the staffs using public
I'm Back...With Updates:-)
Hey everyone, Sorry I had to miss the meeting, with the move coming I've been working lots of overtime! But I actually had some time on my hands to take some pictures of some awesome new additions to the fish fam. Hope you all enjoy and can't wait
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