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cichlasoma festae
found this last night and really enjoyed reading it. thought others might like it also... enjoy! keeping and breeding ex-cichlasoma festae [img][/img]
Festae wont eat...
I have three new festae fry from APFP. They did not eat the first night i got them, but that did not seem too unusal for a first night in the tank. This is the second night, (i have had them almost 30 hours now) and i have attempted feeding them three
My new Festae and Umbee's
Just thought that I would share a couple pics of a couple new additions, a male Festae, & 4 Umbee's. Anyone with a little female Festae out there, let me know. This guy is about 6". The Umbee's range from 3" to
Fry from WC Festae !!!!
Friend of mine wild Festea had fry hatch last week. Awesome Pair! (kory, this pic is why i asked those questions about POTM, LOL)
Spawning Festae
FINALLY! Yes, finally after 4 months of baby sitting and separating. My Festae are finally spawning again.
my pair of ex cichlasoma festae pair (update)
here is my pair of festae in the 135. i have had one unsuccesful spawn so far, and they are acting like she is going to lay eggs any time now. these are some pics i took today of the two of them hanging out in there pot. i dont get alot of work done no
new festae
well i went to pet pourri in everett on tuesday and picked up this festae. they labled it a female. and also talked to a friend that knows the fish and he is convinced it is a female also. but everything in me tells me its a male. maybe its just wishful
an update on my festae pair
been awhile since i posted pics of them, here they are with there second succesful spawn. [img][/img] [img][/img][img][/img] [img][/img] [img][/img]
Considering CA's
Whats up everyone. So there has been alot of talk around the house, my sister wants to pick up a 200 gallon and have me take care of it. in trade i get to choose everything, Fish, substrate, lighting, filtration. She just wants to pick the tank and th
My new SA fish: Cichlasoma Ornatum
i just got five of these. almost 2in now, but should grow pretty fast... these fish are first cousins to the festae... instead of females red/orange they are yellow... wow beautiful fish... here is a picture of a female ornatum and a female
Madness's Festae
Getting re-acquainted after a month of separation.
My Amphilophus Hogaboomarum finally spawned
Yep he finally did it. Except, not with the female Hoga. Instead he hooked up with a prettier Red barred Red Devil. The fry, I think, are going to look awesome. Hopefully her Red can come out in the Hoga body. Eggs are on the rock.
Festae pair 'Rio Tumbes'
This is my wild caught pair of rio tumbes festae. The females barring is washed out right now since they are still settling.. The bond between these two is like nothing I have seen aside from my dovii pair. Sorry for the dirty acrylic, they are in my 125g
Festae tank!
So, all my other tanks are gone and of course I want to get into something new..wouldn't be me if I didn't. So, Rattle72 has some Festae fry. I got 2 coming from him tonight. My grow out tank is set up and ready to go! Picked up a new tank, some gravel,
Oscars / Severum / Green Terror
Hey all - here are my tanks!! First one is 135G Bowfront tank with Fx5 filter. I got 1 Lemon Oscar, 1 Red Albino Oscar, 1 Green Terror and 2 Severums. Love them all - Here's my two big guys, Crash (Tiger) and Bubbles (albino Tiger)
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