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Terror threats to holiday resorts is closer than we think
Ive been reading this today, they have made several arrests including one on the Majorcan Island in
7 month-old Kiko is a terror! Please help.
Hi, I have not posted here for a long time, because I really wanted to be able to post some good news about our puppy Kiko. He is now over 7 months old, and he is a nightmare! I do have photos all the way up to this point, but I just haven't posted them
Spanish Government terrorist threat level
They have raised it to the second highest possible level. They say its in regards to events in Tunisia, just hope thats the case
Toilet Terror
Hi Everyone, First post here so i'll fill you in on everything. We have a gorgeous 12wk Husky called Smudge. The problem we are having is he seems to be donig really well with his housetraining and we know his signs but whenever my wife leaves him
Tunisia / terrorist attacks 28 people killed
You can keep these Muslim countries for me I just wouldnt go to any of them now for a holiday. I believe Turkey will be a target at some point in time as well, its just not worth taking the chance the security is not good
Rottweiler attack terror for Wirral family
Rottweiler attack terror for Wirral family A DOG owner has been left traumatised after seeing one of his pets killed in a horrible turn of events after being attacked by two on-the-loose Rottweilers. Grandfather Kenny Phillips was on Pensby Road,
tattoo design
i was doodling tonight while i was watching that TV show castle. and i drew romeo... i think i should get it refined and tattooed
sparky yorkshire terrier in derby rspca
sparky Ref: 50817 yorkie in derby rspca does our organization take in yorkies from rspca centres? to rehome them with yorkie loves?
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