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This one literally makes me sick. IMO, this will also bring more older people to Mexico.
What were talking about here are parents and sometimes grandparents. For details, Read this article and follow the links. SCOTUS has struck down state laws that would stop nursing and Board and Care homes from using forced arbitration. This means no
Anita's Animals - there has been a change. Please help.
The animals of Anita’s sanctuary in San Juan Cosala desperately need your help. Many of you may be familiar with Anita’s Animals which is a dog and cat rescue located on the mountainside of SJC. Anita, the founder has spent most of her life rescuing
7 month old, hind leg concerns
My 7-month old Staffy seems to have some trouble with his hind legs. Our home is all wood floor and from day one he's been slipping and sliding around. I thought nothing of it. Recently I noticed some of the things I associated with the flooring happened
No truth to the rumors - Anita's Animals is NOT closed
From TOB Here we go again folks..  the bs rumors have started to fly again.. Anita is on vacation in Germany !     She is not dead, she is not dying [ any more than any of us are, that is ] ; she is not closing her  shelter.  If you worked 7
Akemi Mission Log
Missions Done S-Rank: 0 A-Rank: 0 B-Rank: 0 C-Rank: 2 D-Rank: 1 E-Rank: 1 Rewards claimed: 5 Kunai (Completed an E-rank mission) 1 Explosive Tag (Complete a d-rank mission) 400 Ryo: Complete 2 D-Rank or higher Missions 600 Ryo: Complete 2
Elvis Presley Show 1st April 2017 Veliko Turnovo
Saw this advertised on Facebook page thought it might be of interest.. *Gig Confirmed ** Saturday 1St April from 6pm We present to you the one & only "Elvis Presley Show" Direct from touring the UK with state of the art PA and lighting. All your
Proposed Arlington County, Virginia Exotic Animal Ban
Proposed Arlington County Exotic Animal Ban Please help our fellow Exotic Pet owners in Arlington County, Virginia by emailing the county board members telling them you oppose this ban Here is the email list for the board members: Jay Fisette,
6 month old staffy pup keeps biting
Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum... Just wandered if anyone else had problems with their staffy pup nipping and biting, I think she is playing but gets over excited and hurts sometimes and doesn't stop when told. I've tried her in time out, shoutin
ADVENTURE OVERLAND SHOW, England 23-24 September 2017
The latest seminar speakers at AO`17 have just signed up. Our very own:- Desert Overlanding for Women – Georgina ‘Jess’ Davis (Pumba) and Security Planning for Overland Travel – James Davies (Tembo) Descriptions of their talks can be found
A Big Thank You to Company of Animals:
The maker of the Baskerville Utra Muzzel. That the persnickety peanut somehow wriggled of his nose and ate the middle. The Company of Animals graciously offered to replace the muzzle for me and not only sent me a new muzzle but also a Halti All-in-One
7 Month old becoming aggressive?
Hello new to this looking for advise. I have a 7 month old Staffy, we have had him since he was 8 weeks old and socialised him since then with dog of all sizes and ages, he has also been to puppy training classes. About a month ago he has started to
Watch Batteries
Is there a watch repair shop or jeweler Lakeside who can replace watch batteries at a reasonable cost? TIA SunFan
8 Month Old Puppy with Hip Dysplasia
Hi Everyone, My pup was unfortunately diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia, and I'm getting a specialists opinion and quote for a hip replacement. Do anyone have experience with this and huskies, or another breed? My vet estimated it would cost between 4-6k fo
Gas Tank Heating Costs Per Month?
We are strongly considering renting an apartment in a house in the Monte Rinaldo area, Le Marche, which is about 485 meters high.  The apartment is the first floor of an empty stand-alone house, built in the 1970's.  It is about 80 - 90 mq.  It only has a
6 - 12 month rental
Hi folks, on my way to the area early May looking for a studio or small 1 bdrm. 450 or less would be great. Internet a must, washer would be nice or laundry close by, furnished, Ajijic to Chapala
Black bean crisis
Forget the fuel shortage. Why has there not been any discussion on the canned black bean shortage? With the chili cook off just around the corner it is time to make a practice batch. I went to Walmart only to find out they have been without black beans fo
Animal welfare organisations
Does anyone know the names of animal welfare organisations in Italy especially in the rome/fiumicino area? Do they have their equivalent of the RSPCA? Are there charities/organizations set up to help stray cats and dogs? Any advice how I can find this
Winter's War // An Animal Roleplay
Winter's War, A Semi-Realistic Animal Roleplay All credit goes to @Daisyleap. Do not copy, steal, or reproduce this idea in any way. What is "Winter's War"? "Winter's War" is a roleplay for anybody interested in animals. The beginning of this
8th month old rescue husky need help
Hey guys. We recently got Spyro, an 8 month siberian husky. We took him out of a 'friends' home who turned out was neglecting the dog for days. He looks very nice and seems playful, but there are some serious issues: 1, he poops and pees all over the
Hey there husky people
Been looking around for a good dog forum to join, this one seems nice so I thought I'd give it a try. I have a 6 month old pyrenees puppy named Bianca and I'm planning to get a husky/shepherd cross from a litter to be born this month. I've dealt with
Adventure Southside, S Germany 14-16 July 2017
The second Adventure Southside overland/bushcraft show is scheduled to take place weekend of 14-16 July 2017 at Lochmühle, Hinterdorfstrasse 44, D-78253 Eigeltingen (near Bodensee), Southern Germany. The location is basically the NW tip of Lake Constance,
Town in Italy starts using silent fireworks as a way of respecting their animals
8 month old becoming aggressive to our other dog since wife preganant =/
Hi all, Fantastic forum with fantastic information! A little bit of background, my wife and i live in Sydney, Australia we currently own 3 dogs. Bronx a 4 year old male English Staffordshire who is a outdoor dog and desexed, Rogue a 2 year old
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and the Clinica Municipal Chapala will have discounted mammograms for the entire month. Normally they are 350 but for this month they are 250. Tell the women in your life to get checked, no excuses.
Regularization (Amnesty) Program for people illegally in Mexico for 2017
Regularization (Amnesty) Program for people illegally in Mexico for 2017 On Tuesday, October 11, 2016 the amnesty program of 2015 was republished in the Federal Register with minor changes and will be brought back for the year 2017 and will apply from
DDA Watch Education and Training Auction
A bit late notice (sorry!) but there are some fab courses, workshops, training sessions, etc. up for grabs in the DDA Watch Auction ending on Wednesday. There are things across the country and also online and DVDs, so something for everyone.
House for Rent- Now thru April, Pet Friendly
Quiet Street, 2Br, 2 Bath, Den, Terrace, Garden F&R, Phone, Parking, Washer, Dryer, Pure Water Sys. Maid and Gardener $12,000 Pesos Mo.
An animal name game...
Ah, I thought Pictionary would be fun, but this will be an easy thing to do on the side, too. Cute pictures a bonus. You just use the last letter of the animal posted before to name a new animal. Example: Mouse Elephant Tiger I'll start wit
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